Ski- Tehran- Damavand- Alam Kuh
Damavand mountain Mazandaran Iran

Ski- Tehran- Damavand- Alam Kuh

Ski- Tehran- Damavand- Alam Kuh


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Iran is located in western Asia with more than 82 million population. Iran is the second largest country of the Middle East and the 17th largest one in the world. Iran is a marvellous country surrounded by stunning forests, jungles, mountains, and seas. Its culture, history, and architecture goes back to ages ago. It`s a country well-known for its hospitable and warm-blooded people.


Two first-rated mountains of Iran are Damavand with 5671 m and Alam Kuh with 4848 m altitude.


Damavand is a breathtaking mountain in Alborz mountain range. It`s located in Mazandaran province. Damavand is known to be the highest mountain of Iran and middle east with 5610 m altitude.


Alam Kuh with 4848 m altitude is located in Mazandaran province and is famous for its arduous route which is why we know it as the K2 of Iran. It`s popular among professionals because of its arduous routes.


Tehran is the capital of Iran and a live metropolis. It doesn`t need much of an introducing since Tehran is known worldwide for its magnificent history, rich culture, and the sights which are the combination of modern and traditional which make Tehran a must place.

Starting Point


Ending Point



Tehran: 2 nights camp, 3 nights hotel Vandarbon: 1-night lodge, 5 nights camp


Professional Mountain Guide with Climbing Instruction Certificate.


Permits for Entering Each Region.


Accommodations (Hotel, Villa, Lodge, Shelter, Camp, Tent)

Professional Cultural Guide for City Tours.

Permits for Ascend.


Entrance Fee to Visited Sites.

Not Included

Hotel Reservation Extra to the One Mentioned in the Itinerary.

Visa Fee.

Any Extra Request Not Mentioned in the Itinerary.

Ski and Trekking Equipment.

Tips to Guides and Staff.

Single Room Supplement.

Personal Travel Insurance.

Coffee House Services.

Tour Plan

Day 1 :

You will enter Tehran (about 1118 m above the sea) and we will come and get you from IKA and transfer you to your hotel.

Day 2 :  

After having some breakfast, we`ll head towards Vandarbon (2250 m) which is in Kelardasht (1107 m) (about 5hours drive). The overnight will be in Federation lodge in Vandarbon. Lunch and dinner included.

Day 3 :  

We will get to Tange Galoo (3200 m) by a 4X4 car (about 1 hour). Then trek (3-4 hours) towards Hesarchal (3750 m). Skiing there for some time then heading back to Tange Galoo. The overnight will be in the camp. All meals included.

Day 4 :  

On this day we`ll pick one of the many peaks of Alam Kuh (4850 m) all with more than 4000 m altitude to climb so we`ll choose Takht-e-Soleyman (4659 m) and have fun skiing. The overnight will be in the camp. All meals included.

Day 5 :  

On this day we will have the chance to ascend Kuh-e-Khersan (4581 m) and ski in that region. The overnight will be in the camp. All meals included.

Day 6 :  

It`s time for us to get to the top of the main mountain and have some blessing time at Alam Kuh`s summit. We would start trekking to Alam Kuh summit early in the morning and spend the whole day ascending and descending it while skiing. The overnight will be in the camp. All meals included.

Day 7 :  

This day will be considered as a reservation day. The overnight will be in the camp. All meals included.

Day 8 :  

On our way to Damavand! Early in the morning we`ll drive (5-6 hours) to Polour (2200 m) then change our car to a 4X4 and drive (1 hour) to Gosfandsara (3200 m) then trek (about 2 hours) to Bargah Sevom (4200 m) and ski there for some time. The overnight will be in the camp. All meals included.

Day 9 :  

The very first thing that needs to be done on this day is summiting Damavand (5610 m). It would take the whole day to ascend and descend and ski. The overnight will be in the camp. All meals included.

Day 10 :  

First, we`ll drive (about 1 hour) to Gosfandsara then Polour (about 2 hours) and finally get to Tehran (1118 m). Transfer you to your hotel so that you can rest for tomorrow`s city tour. Breakfast included.

Day 11 :  

Tehran is full of magnificent historical sites for visitor to enjoy spots like Golestan Palace, Saad Abad Palace, and Tajrish Bazaar. The overnight will be in the hotel. All meals included.

Day 12 :  

Time to departure! We`ll transfer you to the airport and hopefully see you again.


About Iran:

Iran is situated in Western Central Asia in the area commonly referred to as the Middle East. It was geographically known as Persia until as recently as the twentieth century. In the North and Northwest, it is bordered by the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan (not to be confused with its own Iranian Azerbaijan region), Armenia and the autonomous Nakhchivan enclave. To the West lie Turkey and Iraq. Its southern boundaries extend to the scenic shores of the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. It is adjacent to Afghanistan and Pakistan in the East and Turkmenistan to the Northeast.

Weather and Seasons:

Iran is one of the only countries in the world which has the complete four seasons.In summer, the weather can be cool as well as warm, and in the cold winters, it can be mild.A large part of the country suffers great extremes of heat and cold between summer and winter and rainfall is mainly confined to winter and spring. Summers are warm to hot with virtually continuous sunshine, with high humidity on the southern coasts. Very high temperatures can be experienced along the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea with a danger of heat exhaustion. Winter weather is very changeable with some mild, wet spells but also some very cold periods with frost and snow. A small area along the Caspian coast has a very different climate, here rainfall is heaviest from late summer to mid winter but falls throughout the year.

Keep in Mind

When planning the tours, we do consider all the possibilities that might affect the tour. Unexpected incidents like geographical, political, and social can cause some changes in the tour.
During fall and winter ascends, due to the unstable weather condition we have a day as “reservation day”. The cost of this day is nonrefundable and is added to the total cost of the trip and even if it is not used the money will not be given back to the tourist.
Our tours are absolutely tailor made and any changes that you have in mind will be applied to the tour. You can add or omit acclimatization day, cultural tours, and extend or shorten the days of your tour.
When there is a need to ascend to the shelter extra luggage will be transferred by mules and you will have light backpack with just essentials.
As the law of the Islamic country female tourists must have hijab. Scarf, long sleeve blouse which are up to mid-thigh length, and pants are required. Men shall not wear shorts in public places.
Iran`s currency may seem a tad difficult to follow but you will get used to as you shop once or twice. The formal format and name of Iranian money is Rial but Tooman is common between people. (10,000 Rials = 1,000 Tooman)

Road of Tehran to Vandarbon is asphalted and in a good condition, so is the road of Polour to Tehran.

About Equipment

Wicking base layers (synthetic or wool)
Fleece jacket or vest
Fleece pants
Insulating jacket (down or poly fill)
Insulating hat, cap, balaclava or headband
Sun-shielding hat or cap
Socks (synthetic or wool) plus spares
Gloves or mittens
Rain jacket with hood (or soft shell)
Waterproof pants or bibs
Bandana or Buff (neck or face gaiter)
Sunglasses, goggles or glacier glasses
Lip balm
Headlamp or flashlight
Extra batteries
First-aid kit
Duct tape
Harness (with adjustable leg loops)
Boots (crampon-compatible)
Ice axe (with leash)
Belay/rappel device
Climbing pack
Route description or guidebook
Locking carabiner(s)
Nonlocking carabiners
Runners—singles and doubles
Prusik cords
Hand protection (athletic tape, gloves)
Signaling mirror
Crevasse rescue gear
Avalanche transceiver
Ski boots
Ski Poles
Ski Binding


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