What is the dress code for Iran?

As the law of the Islamic country female tourists must have hijab. Scarf, long sleeve blouse which are up to mid-thigh length, and pants are required. Men shall not wear shorts in public places.
Irman`s main aim is to give you the adventure that you desire and since our co-founders are adventure lovers themselves so they know how to plan your tour so that you experience the real meaning of adventure.
Cost of meals, accommodation, transfer, guide (tipping is not included), domestic flights, permit for ascending a mountain, and entrance fee for historical sites.
No, you cannot. So, don`t forget to bring lots of cash!
Most of the youngsters know the basics and can communicate. Iranians are very friendly and love to talk to a tourist so if you get an invitation to spend the overnight in their house from a total stranger don`t be surprised!
Depending on your nationality you can attain a visa with no problem and even if you encounter any difficulty our experts at the visa section will help you out.
Yes, it is safe to travel to Iran.
Iran is a country with rich cultural and historical roots all over it and is a fabulous country having mountains, seas, deserts, jungles, and historical monuments all at one place! So, Iran has the whole package and is a wonderful destination for traveler

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