Sabalan Eco-camp

The first and only professional eco-camp on Sabalan mountain is set up by Irman Travel Group. The eco-camp of Sabalan was set and established by the aim of easing the way for the climbers to have a convenient ascend without having the concern about food and accommodation. Sabalan eco-camp is located at 3700m altitude and is the one and only eco-camp available in that altitude in Sabalan mountain. This eco-camp is established by Iraj Maani and Siavash Shahbazzade, who are professional mountain climbers and have ascended all of mountains in Iran and some of the mountains around the world and have infinite respect and love for to the nature and natural heritage. Sabalan eco-camp was established with the aim of having the least possible or no effect at all on the nature and a great emphasis on ecotourism and its benefits. On the contrary to the structures and buildings built in the nature which are permanent and have unbelievably destructive effects on the nature, eco-camps are temporary and portable with no harm to the nature and environment around it.    

Personnel of Sabalan eco-camp collecting the waste and sending them back to the foothill of the mountain.

Eco-camp services


Irman travel group`s Sabalan eco-camp for summer season

Wet and dry waste

Dividing the wet and dry waste


Serving food, beverages and lunch box

Easy access

Easy access to the camp by car


Dry toilets around the camp


Solar panels and generators for having electricity

Kitchen tent

Kitchen tent and Dining tent (for 25 people)


30 tents suitable for accommodating 2-3 people in each tent including mattress and pillow

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More to know
Sabalan Eco-camp During Coronavirus Pandemic
  • In the dining and kitchen tents wet towels, mask, gloves and sanitizing gels and spray are available on the tables and climbers must use them.
  • When the climbers first enter the camp, their body temperature get checked by infrared laser thermostat.
  • After the climbers check out, the tent, mattress and the pillows get disinfected and cleaned.
  • It is recommended to reserve one tent for each climber.
  • Personnel of the eco-camp are obliged to use mask, gloves and clean work clothes.
  • Public tents such as toilet, kitchen and dining are disinfected several times a day
  • Following the social distancing, serving the food in the dining tent will be partitioned to 20 minutes for every 10 climbers.
  • Seat arrangement inside the dining tent is with 1.5-meter distance
  • Kitchen appliances get washed and cleaned at every meal also the tables and the chairs get wiped and disinfected several times a day
  • The climbers are required to bring their own personal dining tools namely spoon, fork, knife, glass, and plate to observe the In the case the climber does not have, Irman travel group can give them some appliance with some washing liquid.
  • The food gets served in the climber’s personal dish and no food is put on the table for self-service.
  • Bread is served in packed plastic.
  • In the case of the climber`s demand the food can be served in their tent.
  • Climbers must use the available tissue on the table for touching the pump flask.
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