One of the concerns of the travelers to Iran is the safety of it. Due to the false media, shows and news, Iran has been known to be the wrong place for you! But how much do you trust and believe the media?! Actually according to the tourists whom have been to Iran, Iran is not a dangerous place at all! In fat it`s been very good and delightful for the travelers that they want to visit Iran multiple times! Iran has very friendly and kind people (you may see that they approach you, welcome you, ask you if you need anything and invite you for dinner to their house!). like any other country there is crime in Iran too but compared to its level of security and safety, you can be sure that nothing bad is going to happen to you.

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Eating and trying local dish are a huge part of any travelling and even it may give you the motivation to travel more to different destinations. Iran and Iranian food and lifestyle are dating back to ancient time civilization which makes Iran a great destination for your next trip to discover more and more about Iranian lifestyle. Since Tehran is the capital of Iran with numerous and various types of restaurants to choose from, you may get confused in choosing one descent restaurant and end up in the wrong place. So here we try to offer you the best possible options for you.

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Middle east is well known for its architecture and amazing buildings. Bazaar is a traditional set of stores inside a building which has different parts as a part specific for gold and silver jewelry, clothing, food, fruit, ironware, footwear, toys and plastic, rug, traditional Iranian handicraft, Brass, mosque, also caravanserai for the travelers in the old days. Here we have gathered the most amazing Bazaars of Iran for travelers coming to Iran.

2020-02-12 12:23:50

When travelling to Iran trying Iranian dishes is an essential part of your travel. Since Iranian foods are mostly sour in taste and almost all of them well cooked, tourists love eating them and some even ask for the recipe! Isfahan city is with a long history on its background and is the best place for you to try some traditional restaurants for delicious Iranian food. Here we are going to introduce some of the best traditional restaurants in Isfahan for you to choose from.

2020-02-09 11:17:12

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