Alavars ski resort is one of the biggest ski resorts in Iran. This resort is located at the foothill of Sabalan mountain in Ardabil city, Iran. For getting to Alvars Ski resort first you must get to Ardabil city located at the northwest of Iran, then you will go to Sarein. Sarein is a small city about 40 minutes’ drive from Ardabil which is very popular for its numerous natural hot springs. After getting to Sarein you will have about 1-hour drive to the resort. 

2020-01-05 11:57:45

Festivals are all about the fun and competition all at the same time. This particular festival will offer skiing on the wild snow and nature of Iran`s mountains. It will include (Vertical/Sprint) Ski Mountaineering and Sky Running of Ardabil.

2019-12-17 10:37:28

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