Sahand mountain is known as the bride of Iran`s mountains and is one of the most beautiful mountains. For its weather, the foothill of the mountain is greenery with numerous natural springs.

2020-06-30 11:03:35

The Most Beautiful Mountains of Iran Part I

2020-06-27 11:56:09

Top places in Iran for camping: nature lovers must read If you want to achieve self-knowledge and find inner peace, probably the best options are camping and nature tours. But why camping? Camping in nature has high physical, mental, emotional and social benefits. You get the sun without intermediaries, breathe the fresh air, train your muscles, get relieved by the pristine silence of nature, reduce daily work and economic stress.

2020-06-23 05:16:09

Adventure travel is best suited for people who look for excitement and dangerous activities, so called adrenaline junkies, this kind of travel is a combination of physical activity, being in the nature, and getting to know the different cultures. For having this kind of travel first you must have good physical condition, exercise constantly and be an athlete. Second, you must be able to survive in difficult conditions, so you should be physically and mentally prepared. Adventure travel includes trekking, horseback riding, bike riding, mountain climbing, and encountering wild animals. But adventure travel is all about risks and new experiences, right?!

2020-06-21 10:50:34

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