Tourism industry has been another major victim of Covid-19 all over the world. By staying home and the boarders closing the number of travelers fell to zero in almost all of the countries and it caused in people being unemployed and having massive negative effects on the economy especially in tourism industry. In addition to economic aspect of the pandemic, there is another aspect that includes world`s cultural heritage and wildlife to be at the threat. Since there is not sufficient fund to protect these sites, the possibility of poaching and looting increases. The influence of actions as restriction of movement, closure of hotels and other accommodation facilities, also cultural and natural attractions, cancellation or postponement of the events and gatherings, all together have contributed to international tourism resulting in a standstill with enormous economic repercussions, including loss of income and unemployment.

2020-09-27 12:55:50

Here are some useful traveling tips that have been gathered using the experience of travelers. Before getting on the road you need to learn some of the useful phrases that come in handy in the country you are visiting. Absolutely have travel insurance to be assured to be paid in the case of a rubbery or hospital costs for getting injured. Do not bother yourself too much with planning. Just have a general and overall itinerary, do not plan for your everyday and be open for trying new activities, food and places. Try new foods and ask for recommendation from the locals.

2020-09-26 10:47:43

Damavand mountain with 5610m altitude is the highest peak of Iran, located at the central part of Alborz mountain range. This mountain is the highest volcanic peak of Asia and Middle East and also the 19th highest peak in the world. It is located in Mazandaran province and about 80 km northeast of Tehran (capital of Iran) in Alborz Mountain range and 70 km south of Caspian Sea.

2020-09-05 10:38:16

Beside the illness itself caused by Coronavirus, the side effects of it are undeniable and have changed the world altogether. One of the major effects is on the public transportations and the way that they have changed to meet the guidelines of disinfection protocols. According to the researchers you can get vaccinated to have an immune body against the infectious illnesses and it may decrease your chance of getting sick by Coronavirus. Another step is to keep washing your hands with soap and sanitizing your hands constantly and do not touch your face at all.

2020-07-06 11:55:29

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