Travelling During Coronavirus Pandemic

Travelling During Coronavirus Pandemic

Having the chance to have a break during the summer and travelling to let go some steam seems far fetched these days because of Coronavirus but you can travel and stay healthy with taking some precautionary steps.


  • Avoid mass groups and keep your distance with others and keep 6 feet distance from others
  • Absolutely wear a face mask and have some extra with yourself to change it every 3-4 hours
  • You can use home-made masks made with scarf. Masks main purpose is to keep you and others from spreading COVID-19
  • Wear rubber gloves and have extra pairs for changing. Wearing gloves prevents you from the urge of touching your face
  • Keep your distance from the others and when checking-in do not get so close to the counter
  • For sure have hand sanitizing gels and wet wipes with yourself
  • Have alcohol-based sanitizers with yourself and spray it on your seat before sitting
  • Wash your hands constantly and sanitize your luggage and bags especially the handle of them
  • Read the policy of your insurance company to see what they cover during this pandemic
  • Make sure you have some extra money in case of emergency or being quarantined
  • Follow the local authorities’ announcement and comply with them in the case of quarantine
  • Be sure to carry some medications and antibiotics with yourself
  • Make sure your pets or family members get taken care of during your travel and in the case, it gets longer than you had planned
  • If you see someone with the symptoms of Coronavirus, inform the security of the airport and keep your distance from them
  • Keep sterilizing your cell phone and headset
  • When going to the restaurant, try to take out your food, if the restaurant isn`t keeping the tables 6 feet apart from each other
  • When opening and closing the bathroom`s door use a tissue to touch the doorknob
  • Do not take out your meal out of the tray on the airplane





Hopefully these steps would be useful and practical for your next trip. Try to avoid stress and anxiety and enjoy your trip with being precautious.

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