Travelling by Airplane During Coronavirus Pandemic

Travelling by Airplane During Coronavirus Pandemic


Health Protocols Followed by the Traveler 


Beside the illness itself caused by Coronavirus, the side effects of it are undeniable and have changed the world altogether.

One of the major effects is on the public transportations and the way that they have changed to meet the guidelines of disinfection protocols.

According to the researchers you can get vaccinated to have an immune body against the infectious illnesses and it may decrease your chance of getting sick by Coronavirus. Another step is to keep washing your hands with soap and sanitizing your hands constantly and do not touch your face at all.


Following WHO, apart from the crew of the airplane that cleans the seats after every arrival, passengers are required to clean and disinfect their seats, screens, pockets of the seat, handles of the seat, air vent, tray of the seat, and everything else that you think has been touched.

Avoid crowds and stay away from people with Covid-19 symptoms like coughing or looking pale and sick.


Some of the airlines recommend to their clients to buy 2 seats in a row just for themselves to observe the social distancing as much as possible.  However, cost wise it may not be possible for everyone to afford it but consider the infectious chance in this way can decrease to half.

Believe it or not the main source of Coronavirus on the planes is the restroom! That`s why you need to steer clear of the restrooms and in the case of using it sanitize your hands afterwards.


Do not take off your mask during the flight and have some extra pairs in your bag for changing it every couple of hours.

Drink lots of liquid especially water can boost your immune system but do not drink coffee and alcohol.

And finally have a good night sleep, keep calm, and do not forget that being stressful and having anxiety can increase your chance of getting infected with Coronavirus.





Protocols Should be Followed by the Airplane


All of the airlines are instructed to sanitize and clean the entire plane after each arrival, the counters for checking in should get sanitized perpetually, and they should check the temperature of the passengers before entering the airplane.


A few airlines honor their passengers and give them “hygiene packages” in which there is mask, gloves and hand sanitizing liquid.


The flight attendants have to wear special clothes, cover their face with mask and face shield, and wear rubber gloves.





Is Airplane Ticket Going to Get Expensive?


Gradually the restrictions on the air transportation are getting eased and by observing the given instructions the airplanes are getting on board again. So, the question arises that is the airplane ticket going to get expensive and more costly? Since the pre departure process has got complicated, the pricing can change accordingly. However, with airplanes working again and people using the airplanes, the cost of the tickets can be like before.


The procedure for determining the price of a ticket is using the count of demands in the past to predict the needed demands in the future, but the situation that we are dealing with during Covid-19 time is unparalleled and there is no previous demands which is the reason for the unexpected price change.


Another factor affecting the pricing of the airplane ticket is that in general people are not using the airplanes but it is believed that business men and women, students and workers will be the first users of the airplane and normalize it for people then everyone can use it with no fear.

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