Top places in Iran for camping

Top places in Iran for camping

Top places in Iran for camping: nature lovers must read


If you want to achieve self-knowledge and find inner peace, probably the best options are camping and nature tours.



But why camping?


Camping in nature has high physical, mental, emotional and social benefits. You get the sun without intermediaries, breathe the fresh air, train your muscles, get relieved by the pristine silence of nature, reduce daily work and economic stress.



To be more precise:


  • Reducing stress: In camping, your behavior and desires are only affected by the time and nature. Real freedom!
  • Fresh air: In the shortest time lungs start to receive pure oxygen and expel the pollution of the city and be in the best condition.
  • Improve relationships: camping is the best time to reconnect with the loved ones for those who feel shortage in their relationships
  • Physical strengthening: Even if you don’t intend to go for a walk, setting up tents, collecting firewood and stuff can provide a good opportunity for strengthening yourself.
  • Communication with nature: Cooking food on the fire, waking up at sunrise and going to bed at sunset, listening to the sound of running water and birds, and avoiding the modern life even for a short time are some of the most important camping blessings.
  • Increase life skills: Especially the youth can earn a lot of experience from living in the wild. Taking responsibility, cooking, finding a suitable place, making fire, walking in the nature and even learning and practicing first aid are the goals of a great adventure.
  • Improve self-confidence: If you could live a few days in nature, what in the world is there that you can’t do? camping is a confidence Bomb.



The Best Places in Iran for Camping


Dalkhani Ramsar Forest: The three neighboring provinces of Mazandaran are very impressive, on the main road that runs parallel to the beach every detour ends in a small paradise but picking the right place for camping is not an easy task.

For example:

If you move from Ramsar to Tonekabon and turn right after seven kilometers in less than half an hour, you will reach to one of a kind forests in Iran. The reason for this is the purity of exemplary yet pristine, cool temperatures, fog, mountaineering and nature tourism, pristine nature, wooden huts, surrounding villages, Mijran Dam, Ramsar and Tonekabon make this forest a first-class host for camping.


Damavand, host of four seasons of Iranian nature: Apart from the peak itself, which is the main goal of skilled climbers, the plains and greenery around Damavand is one of the best places in Iran for camping. What could be better than driving a few kilometers and camping on the plains or next to a waterfall which is a symbol of Iran’s nature?!


It will be more interesting when you know that with the establishment of the eco-camps on Damavand mountain, it is now possible for everyone to add the experience of a professional and first-class camp to the memories of their lives, even on the most freezing days of winter.


Gohar Lake, Zagros`s Jewel or Iran`s Alpine: To introduce the third best choice for camping in Iran, we go to the west of the country, in the heart of the province named “Gohar”.

From the heights of Oshtrankooh`s clean water flowing to build a lake that not only is the host for blue salmon, lacquer and eel but is also home for bear, leopard, ram, fox, eagle, hawk, partridge and many others. In addition, the surrounding plains are decorated with overturned tulips and anemones flower on this beautiful land.


Sirvan River, a symbol of strength of Kurdistan: The Sirvan River is located in the Oraman region and extends to the Iraqi border. Due to the presence of water, unique animals and herbal diversity, we introduce this river as the representative of Kurdistan.

With the camp in the right place from the river and a bit of luck you get to meet squirrels and by the river you will see the growth of valuable plants such as rhubarb. Sirvan is the longest river in Kurdistan and causes the division of Urman and Sarvabad.


Chabahar`s Darak beach; Camp with the taste of desert and sea: If you want to see a palm tree and the sea at the same time you don’t have to go to the movies! A trip to Chabahar`s Darak Beach will do so.  For this purpose, we have to go two hundred kilometers west of Chabahar or one hundred and twenty kilometers from Konarak, watching the sun disappearing behind the sea horizon. If you visit this beach in the touristic season, not only it`s the best time for swimming, but also boating and surfing are available.

As we have mentioned, Chabahar’s Darak beach is the only spot in Iran that gives visitors a taste of the desert and coastal camp at the same time, and is therefore must be on your bucket list!


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