Top Mountains of Iran

Top Mountains of Iran

Iran is one of the main destinations for tourists who are seeking for adventure and wild nature. Since it`s a safe country and not expensive at all can be the best place for a vacation destination. Iran is one of a kind including mountains, sea, deserts, jungles, and hot springs all together.






Our various packages of trekking, cycling, backpacking, mountain climbing, and skiing are all happening with a great service along side with an expert team. Among the numerous mountains to choose from for climbing we suggest you: Damavand 5610m, Alam Kuh 4848m and Sialan 4185m at the north, Sabalan 4811m and Sahand 3707m at the northwest, Zard Kuh 4548m and 4409m at the southwest of Iran. These mountains are challenging, thrilling, rocky and icy routes, and stunning nature all come together to create a memorable experience for you.






In addition to the mountain climbing you will have fabulous time skiing on the wild nature of the mountains with deep snow and steep slopes for ski lovers or you can enjoy your time in the International Ski Resorts. Numerous Ski Resorts are available such as: Dizin, Darband Sar, Shemshak, Tochal, Pooladkaf, Chelgerd, Fereydon Shahr, Sahand, Khoshakoo, Alvares, Bijar, Tarik Dareh, Kakan, Abali, Payam, and Shirbad.

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