Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling solo is the best way to find inner peace and to know yourself better and most importantly to know how strong a person you are. Traveling solo comes with its challenges and yet you be a female solo traveler, you will face more additional challenges too! So here we have gathered some of the most important tips to know when traveling all by yourself to be a small help for female travelers.

  • Schedule your arriving time table to be in your hotel before it gets dark. When you scroll down the streets with luggage, it is obvious that you are a tourist. Also get all of the necessary refreshments and food so that you don`t have to leave your room for the rest of the night.
  • Be aware and cautious of your surroundings all the time. When traveling solo it is crucial to keep your eyes open and know what is going on around you.
  • When choosing a destination, figure out what exactly you want to see and experience. Research about the place that you are going to stay and absolutely read the reviews of it. Measure its safety and how far it is from downtown.
  • If possible, get an international phone plan to be able to make a phone call or text anywhere you are.
  • Memorize the street names and directions of where you want to go so your head won`t be in your phone while walking and be an easy target for the thieves. Do not display your camera or phone and whenever you need to look at the map in your phone, stop at a store and do it there.
  • As a first step for traveling solo, you better have some traveling inside your country and then try the abroad traveling. For the baby steps try the countries are in the neighborhood of your own country.
  • If it is late at night and you are on your way back to the hotel, don`t be cheap and definitely get a taxi. Leave your valuables and cash at the hotel and just take some cash with yourself.
  • Have a daypack and buy an anti-theft bag. Do not put your valuables in your luggage since they are usually thrown around and they are out of sight. Distribute your cash, credit cards and document in various bags so that in the case of any robbery, you won`t lose everything. Always move your bags and luggage in front of you and never put your cell phone in your back pocket.
  • Have some self-defense gadgets like a rape whistle and a pepper spray in your bag. You can even use selfie stick and keys as a makeshift weapon.
  • Do not forget about travel insurance since it is a crucial part of your traveling.
  • Send a copy of your itinerary to your family and friends and keep in touch with them, they should know where are every day.
  • Face your fears and keep an open mind for new things and activities, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy yourself.
  • When traveling solo you need to be confident, smart and well informed. Get connected with the locals and be nice to people.
  • Pack light and don`t overthink about packing, just take the essentials and just remember you can get stuff on your destination too. (especially if the destination country`s money value is less than yours)

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