Thoughts on Traveling with Only Hand Luggage

Thoughts on Traveling with Only Hand Luggage


It`s cheaper: for some flights like package holiday or long haul flights consist of a checked bag by default but for short haul, budget and independent flights you cannot get luggage included if not you must pay extra for it. Therefore, traveling with an only luggage is a great way for saving a great deal of money for your traveling.


Light as a feather: pushing your heavy suitcase and carrying them around can be a real toughie but when you have only hand luggage can be extremely beneficial especially if you are taking public transportation.


Faster at check-in: when you are traveling with only hand luggage, you don`t need to stand in long lines to check-in your luggage. In addition you get to be again faster than others since you don`t have any extra luggage to collect.


No luggage will go missing: with having hand luggage you shouldn`t worry about our luggage going missing and this will give you extra comfort and make your trip more enjoyable.



Harder to pack: with having only hand luggage it may be a bit challenging to pack and you must let go of extra things to have with you and just be satisfied with only the necessary stuff.


You may have restriction on weight allowance: some airlines limit the permitted weight for carry-ons, so it is recommended that you check the rules of the airline to know the limit and also try to wear the heavy clothes that can eat up all the weight allowance like shoes and jackets.


It may be challenging for the photographers: if you are photographer and have camera, lenses and probably drones, it is not the best idea for you to have long trips with just hand luggage but if it is just a short trip you may make it work.


Overall, traveling only with hand luggage can be challenging and easy at the same time. You can save much wasted time at the airport and learn to pack only the necessary but also depending on the airline that you are having a flight with, their policy maybe be different and your hand luggage doesn`t have the suitable size or if your packed luggage is heavier than the allowed weight by the airline. Thus don`t forget to check their policy and rules before packing!

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