The Most Beautiful Mountains of Iran Part II

The Most Beautiful Mountains of Iran Part II

The Most Beautiful Mountains of Iran Part II




Sahand Mountain


Sahand mountain is known as the bride of Iran`s mountains and is one of the most beautiful mountains. For its weather, the foothill of the mountain is greenery with numerous natural springs.

Sahand mountain is 3707m high and it is located in Tabriz and has 17 summits all above 3000m. This volcanic mountain`s beauty is one of a kind and the high in the sky summits are covered in snow most time of the year. Indigenous and migratory birds call Sahan mountain home and natural springs such as Gomosh Bolaghi, Qarkh Bolagh, Goran Bolaghi, and Pari are running free throughout the year. Gardens and plains are the attractions for the tourists annually.

For getting there first you will have a domestic flight to Tabriz (about 1 hour) then you will have a ride to Qaratlu village then you can start your trekking towards the mountain.







Martian Mountains


These weird mountains are located in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. Martian mountains in Iran are one of the few mountains with this shape and form. The “Martian” name is greatly suited since they look exactly like the scenes you have seen in the movies, the gray and white color of the mountains, the sharp ridges, short mountains, and as far as eye can see there is only soil, mountain, and sky! No tree or plants (since it`s a badland) are there but you can see fossils of fish, shells, and whale. Scientists believe that Martian mountains for some time were under the water of Oman sea or the tide of the water had come this far.

In addition to the beauty of Martian mountains, you will be amazed when you see mountains on one side and the blue Oman gulf on the other side and the clear nights that enables you to see the 14 constellations. Also, you can test your rock-climbing skills on these mountains just don`t forget to bring your equipment.

The directions for getting to Martian mountains is to have a domestic flight from Tehran to Chabahr in Sistan and Baluchestan (about 2 hours) then drive to Gowatr, after that drive for more 40 km to reach to Martian mountains.







Zard Kuh


Another mountain in Zagros range is Zard kuh and is next high mountain after Kuh e-dinar. Zard kuh with 4548m altitude is the main resource for Karun and Zayandeh Rud rivers` running water and is located in Koohrang Chelgerd, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari. This mountain range is between Bazoft and Koohrang rivers and has prominent numerous glaciers as Mishan, il Beyg, Poursonan, and Khersan. Zard Kuh mountain has many summits with Kolunchin being the highest one. South face of the mountain is extremely steep and climbing it is technical so the North face is more popular.

If your starting point is from Tehran first you are going to need to have a domestic flight to Isfahan for about an hour then start driving to Chelgerd, then start your trekking.







Mount Binalud


Mount Binalud range is placed in the North of Neyshabur and with 3211m is acting as a border between Mashhad and Neyshabur. The highest summit of Binalud mountain is Shirbad and is placed in the north east of Neyshabur. Although, the easiest route for ascending Binalud mountain is Yale Garde face, there is possibility of avalanche during winter. Another route is Sozaniha face which is a quite technical route for ascending and can last for 33 hours.

After having a domestic flight from Tehran to Mashhad for an hour you will have a ride to Ferizi village then start your adventure towards the summit.



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