The Most Beautiful Mountains of Iran Part I

The Most Beautiful Mountains of Iran Part I

The Most Beautiful Mountains of Iran Part I



Damavand Mountain


Damavand mountain with its high in the sky snow-capped peak in Alborz Range, is the highest mountain of Iran with 5610m and highest volcano mountain in Asia. This mountain is located in Mazandaran at the north of Iran so for getting there from Tehran you have to drive for about 2 hours to Polour then start trekking towards the shelter (Bargah Sevom).

Damavand mountain has always been the symbol of Iran and been with Iranians for at least 38,500 years. Damavand mountain has a huge role in the historical and mythical stories, tales, poems, and literature. This mountain is known to be the place where the archer Arash fought with all of the strength in his body to determine the boarder between Iran and Turan. Another story is that Fereydon took cruel dictator Zohak to a cave at the foothill of Damavand and chained him there and he died there.

There are 4 ways and directions for summiting Damavand mountain: North face (the hardest), Northeast face, West, and South face (the easiest). Furthermore, there is an ice waterfall on the south face route which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and is always frozen except for some quite short time on the hot summer days.







Sabalan Mountain


One of the most controversial topics among the mountain climbers is that which mountain is more beautiful: Sabalan or Damavand?!

Sabalan mountain is a sacred mountain and has a very special meaning and place among the local people. Sabalan mountain is the third highest mountain of Iran with 4811m altitude and located in Ardabil, at the northwest of Iran. For getting to this mountain from Tehran first you need to have a domestic flight from Tehran to Ardabil (about an hour) then drive to Meshgin Shahr for about 2 hours. Afterwards you can start trekking towards the shelter.

Sabalan mountain has 3 peaks namely Savalan, Heram, and Kasra. The symbol of Sabalan mountain is the Eagle rocks that has been sitting there for decades located on the west of the mountain. Numerous mineral water spas at the foothill of the mountain are the main source for people`s daily consuming and an attraction spots for the visitors.

According to the history, this mountain is the spot for the prophet`s daily praying and is the birth and death place of Zoroaster prophet. Since people consider the mountain holly, they swear to the mountain and have a special feeling towards this mountain.

One of the most amazing features of Sabalan mountain is the crater lake of sweet water on the peak of the mountain. This lake is frozen all through the year but 2 months of the summer. The lake is placed 25m lower than the caldera on the peak and it seems like the calderas are the mother cuddling the lake.

There are 3 ways and directions for ascending Sabalan mountain: Northeast face (the most popular one), West (starting from Qara Gol Lake), and South face that Alvars ski resort is placed on this route too. Alvars ski resort is one of the blessings of Sabalan mountain and is a great place with sharp slops for ski enthusiasms.







Dena Mountain


Dena mountain is known as Alps of Iran and is located at the Zagros Range neighboring Isfahan, Chahr Mahal Bakhtiari, and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad. Dena mountain is 4448m high and has 49 summits with Dena-gash Mastan summit 4450m being the highest and Gol Farhad summit shortest with 4040m altitude. Nearest city to Dena mountain is Si Sakht and Dena`s mountain has covered some part of the city with its majesty. Some parts of Dena mountain range are protected areas and you need authorization for entrance.

For getting to Dena mountain first you need to have a domestic flight from Tehran to Isfahan about an hour then drive to Khafr village (about 4 hours). After getting to Khafr you can start your trekking.







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