The Best Traditional Bazaars of Iran

The Best Traditional Bazaars of Iran

The Best Traditional Bazaars of Iran


Middle east is well known for its architecture and amazing buildings. Bazaar is a traditional set of stores inside a building which has different parts as a part specific for gold and silver jewelry, clothing, food, fruit, ironware, footwear, toys and plastic, rug, traditional Iranian handicraft, Brass, mosque, also caravanserai for the travelers in the old days. Here we have gathered the most amazing Bazaars of Iran for travelers coming to Iran.


Tabriz Bazaar

The biggest Bazaar is placed in Tabriz and was listed as UNISCO heritage in 2010. This Bazaar is a great place to spending a day there with 5000 stores to stroll due to its unique architecture of being cool and nice during the summer and warm and cozy during winter. Don`t forget to check out this Bazaar in your trip to Iran.

Address: Jomhori Street.


Isfahan Bazaar

When visiting Isfahan, you will feel like you have a time travel machine and Isfahan is for your stop for touching the history and culture of the old ages.

Address: Naqshe Jahan Square


Vakil Bazaar

This Bazaar was built by Karim Khan`s order and still is one of the city`s main spots for business and everyday shopping place for the locals.

Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Vakil Bazaar, Saraye Moshir


Kermanshah Bazaar

This Bazaar used to be one of main routes of Silk rad travelers and still is a center for shopping.



Kashan Bazaar

When visiting Kashan, checking Kashan Bazaar is one of the necessities. Each part of Bazaar is specified for a kind of business.

Address: Baba Afzal Street.


Qazvin Bazaar  

This Bazaar is dating back to thousands of years ago. Don`t miss visiting this ancient Bazaar.

Address: Emam Khomeini Street.

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