The Best Souvenirs of Iran

The Best Souvenirs of Iran

The best part about any travel is the shopping for souvenirs! Especial souvenirs of Iran are numerous and maybe leave you in a bewilderment so here we have made a list of the best ones for you to buy next time you are here!



There is no place for any doubt that Saffron is one of the best and major souvenirs. It can give your food a rich color and a delicious flavor. Saffron is quite popular among the tourists for its small packaging and light weight. Since Iran is one of biggest exporters of Saffron, you can find organic and





Nuts (Ajil)
No matter which city in Iran you are staying, you can absolutely find some nut shop around the corner. Nuts or Ajil comprises almonds, pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, cashew, and roasted chickpea. Since as a tradition all Iranians buy and eat Ajil during Nowroz, you can be sure that the nuts in the shops are mostly fresh.





Date (khorma)
South of Iran is the home for dates. You can find fresh and dried dates in Iran in different colors and sizes. It is considered to be a perfect souvenir for everyone and won`t take so much space in your luggage!





If you have a sweet tooth you will fall in love with Gaz! It`s delicious with walnut or pistachio inside which balances the sweetness of it. Eating Gaz with tea (Chay) can make your day!





Baklava, Pastries, and Cookies
Baklava is some kind of pastry with grinded nuts on top. Traditional pastries and cookies are various in Iran and you will want to try them all! Some have Halva in them which makes them soft and easy to eat, some are dry but yet delicious! The best ones are in Lahijan, Dezful, Tabriz, Shiraz, Urmia, and Kermanshah.





Rug (Farsh), Kilim
As known worldwide, Iranian handmade rugs and Kilims are the best and one of a kind so it is considered to be an awesome gift for your friends and family. Iranian handmade rugs in addition to its money wise price, have sentimental value for the weaver and buyer. They spend hours and hours of tying every knot with their hands to create a beautiful design. Kilim and rug have different sizes and can be placed in your luggage. Most of the cities in Iran have a Bazaar of rugs with numerous options for you to choose from.





Enameled China, Pottery, Etching on Brass and Gold are also the handicrafts of Iranians that take hours of delicate work and energy to give you something wonderful to remember Iran by it.

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