The Best Restaurants in Tehran You Should Go

The Best Restaurants in Tehran You Should Go

The Best Restaurants in Tehran You Should Go


Eating and trying local dish are a huge part of any travelling and even it may give you the motivation to travel more to different destinations. Iran and Iranian food and lifestyle are dating back to ancient time civilization which makes Iran a great destination for your next trip to discover more and more about Iranian lifestyle. Since Tehran is the capital of Iran with numerous and various types of restaurants to choose from, you may get confused in choosing one descent restaurant and end up in the wrong place. So here we try to offer you the best possible options for you.



Moslem Restaurant

Moslem restaurant is located at the heart of Tehran Grand Bazaar and is one of the best restaurants in Tehran. The restaurant only serves lunch and is well known for its “Tahchin” which is the combination of rice, meat or chicken, and barberry. Most of the times there is a long line for entering the restaurant at the front door, when seeing this don`t freak out and just be patient and wait in the line because you are going to have the most delicious food and also the line moves quite quickly.
Address: Number 04, Haj Rahim Khan Alley, Sabze Meydan Square, Grand Bazaar.



Kubaba Café and Restaurant

The decoration and design of the restaurant is quite chic, unique and modern with polite staff the only thing about this restaurant is being costly compared to other restaurants. In addition, the menu is quite various with different food to choose from and also serves breakfast too. Eskandar Efandi, Poloye Afghani, Mosakaye Bademjani, and Khoreshte Bademjan are the most famous and delicious ones served in this restaurant.
Address: First Floor, Number 257, Golkhane Street, Jordan.



Iranshahr Dizi Restaurant


Dizi is one of the most delicious and fun foods! It is rich in vitamins and protein, includes meat, peas, onion, potato, and tomato. This restaurant has been working since 2008 and is one the best ones in the city serving Dizi. The atmosphere of the restaurant is traditional, walls are full of paintings also this restaurant only serves Dizi and works only lunch shift.
Address: Number 52, Kalantary Street, Iranshahr.



Gasht Restaurant

It`s a small restaurant with lots of food variety. In this restaurant you can find Iranian traditional dish and sandwiches at the same time! Name of the dishes on the menu are different from their normal name so you better ask about the ingredients before ordering.
Address: Amir Building, Golfam Alley, Between Golshahr and Nahide Shargi Street, Jordan

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