Souvenirs of Shiraz

Souvenirs of Shiraz

Shiraz`s souvenirs are have a vast variety so here we are going to introduce some of most famous ones for you.


Pastry and Sweets

In Shiraz there are many types of pastries, sweets, breads and cookie to choose from. The list of pastries below is just made in Shiraz and can be a great souvenir for your friends and families back home.

  1. Youkhe . Youkhe is kind of bread that is made of several thin layers over and over with sugar powder, cinnamon or pistachio powder on top.
  2. Burned Peanut. This is also a kind of pastry and is the peanut with sugar on it.
  3. This souvenir is very yummy only thing about it is that you cannot take it with yourself home but you can eat it and enjoy its sweet taste.
  4. Koloche (cookie) Shirazi. You can find this kind of cookie in boxes with Masghati inside.
  5. Masghati is a kind of pastry that is made of sugar, starch and saffron and usually is decorated with pistachio or peanuts on top which makes it very delicious.


Infused Water

Since Shiraz is a city with many gardens and natural plants, people from the past started going through the plants and explored the benefits of them. So nowadays we have many different kinds of herbal and infused waters to use for any kind of need or illness.

  1. Bahar Narenj (Orange Blossom). If you are visiting Shiraz in spring, you will be drunk by the smell of the blossoms all over the city. During spring the gardens are full of blossoms and some of the gardens shut down so that they can harvest the blossoms and use them for medical and industrial purposes. They put the flowers in process and get the infused water all fresh and ready to use for the people. Therefore when you visit Shiraz don`t forget to get a couple of Orange Blossoms distilled water for your friends and yourself because you cannot get enough of these delicious water.
  2. Bidmeshk (Catkin). Catkin tree has yellow flowers and blossoms in spring and can live only for 15 days. The distilled water of this plant is very healthy and good for body.
  3. Eglantine Distilled Water. Eglantine flower is a beautiful nice smelling flower and the distilled water of it is good for cooling down the body in summer.
  4. Rose Water. Shiraz`s most famous rose water is made in Meymanad city and this rose
  5. water is one of the best in Iran.



Shiraz is one of the most important cities in Iran in the field of handicrafts. These crafts are made by perceptive Shirazi artists.

  1. Inlaying Wood. This kind of craft is one of the most delicate and the most beautiful of all. This craft takes long hours and a lot of energy but the result is so beautiful and amazing that you cannot take your eyes of them.
  2. This type of ancient craft is very popular in Shiraz and you can many kinds of plate, bowls and mugs in different colors and shapes in Bazaar.
  3. The interesting carved silver utensils are what you will see a lot in Shiraz. Vase, cup, bowls, etc are what will catch your attention with their beauty and dedication.

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