Shiraz City

Shiraz City

Shiraz City

When travelling to Iran, there are some must-see spots that you cannot miss. Since Shiraz is one of them we are going to talk about this city. Shiraz city in Iran is one of the main destinations for travelers since it has numerous beautiful gardens and historical monuments. Here we have listed some of the magnificent spots in Shiraz to visit.


  1. Tomb of Hafez: Hafez was one of world`s greatest poets from Shiraz and his poems are full of love and beauty. Like his poems, his tomb is beautiful, sensational and in the middle of the flowers and trees.



  1. Tomb of Saadi: Another great poet with breathtaking poems is Saadi. This great poet`s tomb is full of green trees and some water pools around it to throw a coin for making your dreams come true.



  1. Narenjestan Qavam House: one of the most beautiful houses and gardens of Iran. This house`s architecture is magnificent and inside of the house is filled with mirrors, tiling, and plasterwork.



  1. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque: is also known as Pink Mosque, which is a beauty inside the city and makes you to fall in love with sun light passing through its colorful glass windows and dancing on you.



  1. Eram Garden: also, one of the beautiful gardens of Shiraz is Eram Garden. You will be amazed by the beauty of this garden and spend hours between the flowers and trees.



  1. Arg-e Karim Khan Citadel: this place is located at the city center and had been as the house of Karim Khan Zand in the past. This place with high walls can easily demonstrate the life in the Zand era.



  1. Vakil Traditional Bazaar: is a great place for enjoying the past time amazing architecture while shopping Iranian souvenirs.



  1. Perspolis Ruins: was the capital of Achaemenian`s ruling era that had fabulous palaces, paintings, and stone carvings. Perspolis is the symbol of Iranian culture and roots.



  1. Pasargad World Heritage Site: is the place that the great Cyrus is buried in but is not only the tomb of Cyrus, in tis site you can find other historical monuments.


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