Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Safety Tips


No matter where in this world you are travelling, always be cautious. Don`t overlook the simple acts of cautiousness which can save you from being a potential bait for the thieves. Here we have gathered some useful information to have in mind.


    1. Hide your cash: try not to have a lot of cash with yourself and if you do, don’t expose it to others. It is recommended to use credit cards or travelling checks. Also having a safe in your hotel room can be a big advantage.


    1. Don`t act like a tourist: don`t ever never ever dress up like a tourist. Also try not too have your camera hanging from your neck or have jam packed waist bags. It`s better not to look at the street signs so many times or to constantly ask directions from the local people.


    1. Watch out for your backpack: when wearing a backpack, wear both shoulder straps. If you are in a crowded place full of people and motorcycle riders, it is smart to wear your backpack in front of yourself on your chest and also don`t put your wallet in the back pockets of your jeans.


    1. Don`t go to empty and deserted places just by yourself: never take a detour to be away from your team it is not a smart move and can end badly or in the case you want to be alone let your team know where you are going.


    1. Don`t lose your passport: in some countries passport with specific nationalities have a high value at the black market and can put you in danger of getting robbed. Attending to the embassy and getting another passport can take a while and you may lose your flight. It`s a good idea to have some copies of them back at home and in your luggage.


    1. Stay aware: always be alarmed about what is going on around you and if you are driving try not to get lost.


    1. Watch out for your luggage and bags: the more you make it hard to unlock the luggage the less thieves are interested in your stuff.


    1. Lock the doors: when driving in the foreign city, lock the doors and windows.


    1. Be equipped: have some of your essential stuff in your carry on just in case your luggage gets to you later. Have a schedule and itinerary for your travel. Have a general itinerary but don`t go hard on yourself and just enjoy your stay, if you want change it according to the condition and your mood.


  1. Protect your credit cards: only take the credit cards that you are going to use. Write down the necessary codes and leave them with someone trusted.

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