Sabalan Mountain

Sabalan Mountain

Sabalan mountain is the third highest mountain of Iran with 4811m altitude. This amazing mountain is surrounded by wild nature, natural hot springs, and Alvars ski resort which is covered in snow 8 months of the year. One of the most noticeable features of this mountain is the permanent lake at the crater at the top. This permanent lake is being supplied by snow and ice, also the color is blue to green. Sabalan mountain used to be an active volcanic mountain but it`s been years since it has been inactive.




All about Sabalan


It is located in the Lesser Caucasus mountain range and Ardabil Province of Iran. This mountain has 3 peaks namely Savalan (Sabalan), Heram, and Kasra. The symbol of Sabalan mountain is the rock shaped as an eagle at the top of Savalan peak.
It is believed that Sabalan is the most sacred mountain of Iran. In addition, the body of Zoroaster has been buried under a slab near the lake of Sabalan mountain. That`s why the locals believe it as holy and take an oath to the mountain.
Sabalan is the home for various kinds of herbs and animals. Animals like brown bear, golden eagle, fox, wolf, weasel, sparrow hawk, rabbit, etc.



Best time to visit Except for winter and fall ascends the best time for visiting and climbing Sabalan is during the summer and spring when the weather is delightful and there is water from ice melting.



What to take with you


You should have the usual necessary equipment of trekking and mountain climbing. Wicking base layers (synthetic or wool), Fleece jacket or vest, Fleece pants, Insulating hat, cap, balaclava or headband, Sun-shielding hat or cap, Socks (synthetic or wool) plus spares, Gloves or mittens, Rain jacket with hood (or soft shell), Map, Compass, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, goggles or glacier glasses, Lip balm, Headlamp or flashlight , Extra batteries , First-aid kit, Matches , Knife, Duct tape, Rope , Helmet, Climbing pack, Route description or guidebook, Runners—singles and doubles, Probe, water, and some snack.




Attractions around the mountain


Shirvan canyon, Shabil natural hot spring, Atgoli lake, Meshginshahr Suspension bridge which is the longest one in the middle east, ancient ruins of Shahar Yeri, Old Castle, Sheikh Haydars mausoleum, Ardabil Province, Moeil village, Qaynarja Geothermal Water Complex, and Sarein city which is full of numerous hot springs.





The routes to the summit


The easiest and most popular route is the northeast which starts from Shabil hot spring and during the route there are signs to guide you towards the summit. Further more from Shabil hot spring to the shelter there are 4X4 cars to take you.
The second route is the west one which starts from Garagol lake and passes through Heram and the big glacier.
The hardest one is the south route and there is no shelter on the way so you better adjust your timing to spend the night next to the nomadic people living there.


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