Places to Visit in Shiraz

Places to Visit in Shiraz

Shiraz with being the central province of Fars is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran and since it has numerous places and historical spots, hospitable people, and delicious local food it is the main destination for many tourists annually. As mentioned before Shiraz has many places that you can visit and visiting them all would take days, so here we have collected some the most must-see places for you.


Narenjestan Qavam

Shiraz is quite famous for its gardens and Narenjestan Garden is one the most beautiful gardens in Shiraz. Narenjestan is a very precious monument from Qajar dynasty with tall trees and colorful flowers. Spring is one of the best seasons to visit this garden and get drunk by the smell of the trees and the flowers. In north, east and south of the garden you will see buildings with amazing architecture and ancient Iranian hand carved ceiling and walls. Furthermore in the complex of the garden there is a small museum with all of the antiques found in this area.


Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

It is very likely that you have already seen pictures of a mosque with lovely rainbow colors shining on the rugs, well that`s Nasir al-Mulk Mosques and is definitely one the must-sees in Shiraz. This mosque with its colorful windows is also known as Pink Mosque, and is located in Goud Oryan neighborhood.

One of the prominent features of this mosque is not having a dome on the mosque which is quite odd for a mosque. Pink Mosque is a fantastic spot for taking photos and get in touch with Iranian culture and life.


Vakil Historical Bath

Vakil Bath is a masterpiece which was structured by Karim Khan`s command.  Karim Khan was the king who had the most effective role in the development of Shiraz and most of the historical monuments that we see today are because of Karim Khan Zand. The architecture and interior design of the bath is amazing and the interesting thing about this bath is the smart design of the entrance, they have design it small to capture the heat inside the building and to keep the cold outside. The octagonal dressing room with eight pillars, small pools, beautiful arches and stages are all parts of this bath`s amazing design.



Vakil Bazaar and Vakil Mosque

Next to the Vakil Bath, there are Vakil Bazaar and Vakil Mosque which also should be on your list to visit. Vakil Bazaar is traditional bazaar of Shiraz and still one of most important buildings for doing business. In this Bazaar you can find any kind of souvenirs for shopping such as food, clothes, jewelry, handmade rugs and handicrafts.

Vakil mosque with beautiful ceramics, arched shape ceiling and 48 stone pillars is a special place that is definitely worth seeing.


Hafez Tomb

Hafez is a very lovely poet and his tomb is popular spot between Iranians and is an interesting place for visitors as well. The handmade cravings and usage of Hafez`s poems in the ceiling of the tomb and also beautiful pillars made of stone, can amaze you easily.

The south part of tomb is the main entrance and as soon as you step inside the beauty of colorful flowers and green trees with make you fall in love with place immediately.


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