Persian Style

Persian Style

To talk about Iranian food, even books won`t be enough since Iran is a country with different ethnics and cultures all living together so the food is various throughout the country. In general, Iranian food is quite tasty food usually made with meat, chicken, dried fruit, beans, nuts, herbs, and rice. In addition, most of the Iranian food has a sour taste and not so spicy.



The most popular foods in Iran that you cannot miss them are:
Chelow Kabab which is barbequed minced meat alongside with some barbequed mushrooms and tomatoes. It is served with cooked rice (Polow).



Dizi or Abgosht which is a very especial food with some steps to follow when eating! This dish is the mixture of onion, chopped meat with fat, chickpeas, tomato, potato, dried plums, and tomato sauce. First the strained liquid is served and you are supposed to crumble some Sangak (Iranian bread) in it, second part is the most fun for tourists! They get to mash the remaining content all together then eat it. It is mostly served with yogurt or Doogh.



Fesenjoon, is a very delicious food made with minced walnut, chopped meat or chicken, onion, and pomegranate sauce, served with cooked rice.



Ghormeh Sabzi is minced herbs, onion, chopped meat, kidney or red beans, dried plum and dried lime as seasoning for giving sour flavor. Served with cooked rice and Salad Shirazi which is a kind of salad with cucumber, tomato, red onion, mint, salt, and lime juice.



Drinks in Iran are non-alcoholic and the best ones are: Doogh (you should try this out! All of the tourists love it. It`s the mixture of especial kind of yogurt with water, salt, and mint) Iranian beer (non-alcoholic) which is pretty tasty, different kinds of juice, tea (Chay) which is extremely popular among Iranians and you can see them drinking it everywhere even while standing up!


Bread in Iran is very especial and you will love it! Lavash is a kind of bread with a very thin (like a piece of paper) dough. Sangak is backed on the stones and is very healthy and mostly is branny. Barbary and Fatir are with a thick dough and are very soft and great for making sandwiches. On the other hand, you can always find freshly baked toast, baguette, and some bagels.



Iran`s table manners are quite fascinating for some visitors. For instance, in some houses you see that even though there is a dinner table, they just set the table on the floor, sit down and eat on the floor. It goes back to ages ago and still is happening all over the country. They wash their hands before starting to eat he meal, they utter the name of god before starting and thank him after finish eating, bread is somehow sacred for them so the don`t cut it with knife or scissors, most of the meals are served with a fork and spoon, at their tables there is usually a plate full of raw vegetable, yogurt, Torshi (mixture of vegetables with vinegar), pickles, and salad.



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