Natural Hot Springs and Spas in Sarein

Natural Hot Springs and Spas in Sarein

Natural Hot Springs and Spas in Sarein


Ardabil is well known among Iranians for its delightful weather during the hot seasons, Sabalan mountain with 4811m altitude, great nature for long trekking, numerous lakes and waterfalls, wild animals, springs some ice-cold and some boiling hot.


The location of Ardabil city is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Iran since Ardabil is surrounded by sea and jungles from south and mountain and wide agricultural fields from the north. In addition to all of these Ardabil has Sarein city 30 km away which is the home for numerous natural hot springs. Sarein is a small city full of hotels, shopping centers and spas. This touristic city is the main destination for millions of tourists annually. The nature of Sarein is the other attraction of this city, green fields, waterfalls and hills for trekking are all reasons for tourists visit.


Beside all of the attractions, the mineral hot springs of Sarein are nothing less than a miracle! Since Sarein in located at the foothill of Sabalan mountain, the springs in Sarein are all natural with mineral effects. Sarein`s hot springs and boiling mineral pools are known to be good and healing muscle pain and soreness, relaxing your body, rheumatism related illness, tiredness, muscle spasm, healing scars and acnes, some illness related to eyes, and numerous other benefits.



As we know by reading the descriptions above you are intrigued to visit Sarein, so we have listed the best natural pools among more than 20 pools in Sarein for your visit to choose from. Here they are:


Sabalan (first modern pool in Sarein)


Iranian (a large complex with separated pools for women and men and huge slides inside)


Royal Park (which is a 4-star hotel and has a hot spring pool in its complex)


Ershad or Pehenloo (is good for reducing joint and muscle pain)


Shahre Aftab (is quite clean and small pool with hot and mild water pools)


are all modern spas with mild and hot pools, Jacuzzi, dry Sauna, wet sauna, kids pool, massage room (body and facial), gym, cold water tunnel, cold water pool, coffee shops, and beauty salon.


Gavmish Goli is the traditional and the oldest pool in Sarein, it has not been changed and has saved its old shape. It is not modern and just has a pool and some showers also it is not so clean! This pool is without the roof, the water is about 46 c, and has 17 cold water showers. This pool`s water is good for muscle pain, heart diseases, tiredness and physical tense.

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