Medical Tourism in Iran

Medical Tourism in Iran

Medical Tourism in Iran



Due to cost efficiency prices, high-quality medical service, expert doctors, modern equipment and having all kinds of surgeries and specialties, Iran is the main destination for medical care seekers all around the world.


From the old days Iran has been the center of experienced doctors and traditional medicine. This reputation still continues and nowadays Iran is one of the best medical centers in the region with modern technology and high-quality medical service. Iran has about 190 hospitals for international travelers.


Medical treatments and packages in Iran for international patients and travelers:


  • Cosmetic Surgeries including Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplant, Weight loss and Liposuction,

Tummy tuck, Face Lift.


  • Open Heart surgery


  • Eye Care


  • Fertility Treatment IVF and Gynaecology


  • ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat)


  • General Surgery


  • Cancer Treatment



Natural Hot Spring Therapy:

Medical Tourism in Iran is not just limited to drugs and medicines, you can find healing natural hot springs in the country especially in Sarein at the north west of Iran. Sarein is famous for its natural spas, massage and boiling mineral pools. These pools are known to be good and healing muscle pain and soreness, relaxing your body, rheumatism related illness, tiredness, muscle spasm, healing scars and acnes, some illness related to eyes, and numerous other benefits.




Hospitals in Iran have all kinds of specialties and doctors that you need. Hospitals throughout the country which accommodate and hospitalizes international patients have IPD (international patient department) certificate and have been approved by the medical university of Iran to give the best possible service for patients in need. These hospitals have the needed standards and criteria and also, they have a separated section for international patients and give them special service with expert and educated personnel. We accommodate patient and also the accompanies of the patient either at the hospital or the hotel whichever they desire.


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