Medical Care in Iran, Hair Transplant

Medical Care in Iran, Hair Transplant

Medical Care in Iran, Hair Transplant


Hair transplant is a popular riskless surgery done all over the world. Losing hair can have many different reasons such as stress, heredity, genetics, hormonal changes, medications, using excessive hair products, lack of mineral and protein in body, and chemotherapy. Whatever the reason is behind your hair loss, hair transplant can change your life and give you a new look and the lost confidence.
For doing a hair transplant there are a number of methods and ways, so choosing an expert doctor to choose the best way for your surgery is crucial. When doing the hair transplant surgery, the doctor takes into consideration many different factors, like your body condition (level of baldness, state of health), your age, condition of the scalp, the number of the required Grafts, and number of needed sessions.
Iran has the most professional doctors and clinics for hair transplant and uses different and state of the art methods for doing hair transplantation. Here are some of the used techniques for hair transplant in Iran:



FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Technique:


This technique is done by cutting a small area at the back of the head with local anesthesia which includes about 1500 to 2500 grafts and 7000 to 9000 hairs. Then the hair Follicular grafts (group of 1 to 4 hairs) get extracted as units and get ready for the implantation.
+ In this surgery the patient is not required to shave his/her whole head and only the donor site will do. + This technique is the most trustable for getting the desired result and up to 97% of people having the surgery are satisfied with the final result.
+ FUT is quite acceptable among the doctors since with cutting the donor site the chances of success get increased.
+ In this technique planting the grafts is quickly which decreases the risk of losing the grafts
+ The quality of Follicular units is quite high,
+ The process of extraction and planting the grafts are done in one day,
+ And the price of the surgery with this technique is less.
–This technique for hair transplant is the least popular among the patients due to its bleeding and scaring.



FIT (Follicular Isolation Technique) Technique:


This technique for hair transplantation is the quite popular among people since it doesn`t involve surgery. Meaning there is no cutting in the back of your head. In this method the hairs get extracted one by one which makes the whole process very slow and time consuming. In this procedure the hair follicles get extracted from the back of your head then implanted in the front of your head.
+ The bleeding is much less than other techniques and there is no scaring.
+ The recovery period is between 2 to 3 days.
–Because implanting the hair follicular one by one is a gradual and takes time so the doctor may need to do it in two or more sessions.
–Grafts can get damaged since they get extracted one by one
–The donor site can get damaged
–The price of FIT is higher
–The head must be shaved for the operation



SUT Technique:


In this technique most of the work is done by the instruments and punch lenses and the only difference is the way the follicles are extracted. This process is done by local anesthesia under the supervision of professional doctors.
+ The speed of the extraction is high
+ Since the extraction is done with modern technology and instruments, almost no harm is done to extracted grafts and also the donor site.
+ There is very little bleeding, no pain and no scar
+ One of the important factors in this technique is the high number (3 times more than other techniques) of the grafts that can be extracted in one session compared to other techniques.
+ The beauty of this technique is the naturalness of the growing line as in no one can say if you have hair implanted or not!
–The biggest defect of this technique is the transfer tubes which if be dirty can cause infection. However, by using disposable tubes for the surgery this problem can be solved

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