Key Tips for Travelling

Key Tips for Travelling

Key Tips for Travelling



During the time of travelling there are always possibility of mishaps happening. You cannot program everything but despite all of these travelling is easy and is the food of your soul. Here are some of the key points to keep in mind.


  • Be flexible: always be prepared for delays and if things don`t go as planned, don`t get worry and have some patience.


  • Make a list: one or two weeks earlier write down the things you don`t want to forget.


  • Learn the common and useful phrases: knowing the common phrases in your destination`s mother tongue can be a game changer for you! You can make some friends and show them how much you respect their country.


  • Have one or two extra batteries for your camera: do not risk losing the chance to take a breathtaking picture just because your battery is dead!


  • Always have travel insurance: as being prepared for travelling, insurance has a big role and can save you costs of medical expenses.


  • Have some copies of your documents: absolutely having copies of your passport and other important document is necessary for every traveler.


  • Take some extra underwear: since they don`t take much space in your luggage, don`t be afraid to take some clean underwear with yourself.


  • Decide what you are going to wear: if you don`t start packing a couple of days before departure and postpone it until the last minute, you will have a poor choice of clothes and may not pack the proper clothes.


  • Have electronic devices, pills, toothbrush, and underwear in your carry on: when travelling, have important stuff with yourself in your carry on rather than your luggage.


  • Ask the price of the public transportation vehicles before getting on them.


  • Keep hydrated during the flight: if you keep yourself hydrated, you can handle jetlag better.


  • Have the room number and address of the hotel in your cell phone.
  • Ask from the locals: always ask the locals about the restaurants, best spots for the sunset, cafés, and malls. Tell them what you are seeking and they can direct you to them.


  • Use the local free Wi-Fi: try not to use your credit card with airport or other public places` wi-fi. On the other hand, feel free to use hotel`s wi-fi for anything you want, especially if it has password making it secure.


  • Tell your bank that you are travelling: for avoiding any suspension of your credit card you better tell your bank that you are going out of the country.


  • Wear sunscreen: especially if you are sitting next to a window during the flight, you are at the exposure of danger of UVA more than ever.


  • Take lots of photos!


  • Be open minded to the new ideas.


  • Travel without a schedule and itinerary: it may not seem logical but the whole fun of travelling is enjoying the moment and skipping some steps of the agenda.


  • Tell your family and friends about your travel: especially when you are travelling alone tell someone about your time of departure and destination.


  • Don`t put your money and credit cards all together at one place.


  • Have the first aid kit and some pills with yourself.

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