Inexpensive Places to VIsit in Tehran

Inexpensive Places to VIsit in Tehran

Here we are going to tell you all about the places that you can visit in Tehran for a limited budget and some of them for free!


Walking on Valiasr Street

On top of everything Valiasr Street in the longest street in the Middle East and has an amazing view from a helicopter or drone shot. This street is 19 kilometer long and is one of the main streets in Tehran so walking down this street is recommended for many reasons. First of all the sidewalk is very vast and there are old strong trees alongside that provide shadow in the summer, next there are many shops that you can visit and also many cafes and restaurants to have a meal and rest for a bit. In addition, parks such as Ferdos, Saee, Mellat, etc are on your way and you can visit them.

Valiasr Street is also full of street arts, statues and architecture from old times so we cannot say which season is the best to visit since they all have their own beauties but maybe summer can be little hot to have a long walk.


Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat sBridge connects two parks (Taleghani and Aboatash) and is a great place for having some walk with a view of Tehran. This bridge has 3 floors the first one is for trespassing, second one has some cafes and restaurants and the third floor is great for taking some pictures.


Palaces in Tehran

Tehran has many palaces that you can visit and really enjoy it. Although they are not free but the fee is little and there are many palaces to choose from.




Darband is a village at the north of Tehran with a very delightful weather in summer. You can go Darband to have some lunch and enjoy the beautiful nature or you can get up early in the morning and go hiking.


Iranian Artist Forum

If you are interested in art, you shouldn`t miss the chance to go to Iranian Artist Forum in Taleghani street. You can enjoy the paintings and work of the artists for free and also you can go the café in the yard or just hang around in the park nearby.



Azadi Tower

Azadi tower is the main symbol of Tehran and Iran so you cannot miss it and it is a must see. This tower has a very unique architecture and also is a great location for taking pictures.



Milad Tower

Milad tower is the tallest tower of Iran and is the 6th tallest one in the world. You can have some meals in the restaurants of it then go up and enjoy the view of Tehran.


National Botanical Garden of Iran

This garden is one the biggest botanical gardens in Iran and includes 3000 types of shrubs, bushes and trees. This can be the heaven of plant lovers since it has many different kinds of plants from all over Iran and the world. Also keep in mind that this garden is located out of the city so it can take your whole day and spring is the best season to visit it.

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