How To Camp

How To Camp

how to camp easily?


As living only once we all want to do something crazy! Starting a business, travelling around the world, mountaineering and camping in the nature! It may seem incredibly troublesome to camp in the nature and you would prefer staying in a hotel but the pleasure of spending time in the wild nature and try to survive without your comfortable modern lifestyle can be a life changer for you. As mention in the book “101 things to do before you die” camping is one of the absolute ones to try. Now the question is how to camp?!


Be prepared for the hardship, first you should prepare yourself for not staying at a convenience hotel, consider spending days without shower (unless your camping area is next to a waterfall or a natural spa), insects bites, not your soft bed, and some unexpected happenings. By taking them into consideration you will have mental preparation and can handle it properly.


Locate the place of camping beforehand and choose a flat ground and low altitude. If you are camping in jungle, do not camp under trees in case of raining. Stay away from the river and sea during fall and winter since there is a tide at night, and if you are camping on a mountain select a safe place with no possibility of stone run. Check the weather condition and also surf the net to be aware of the animals living in the area of your destination.


Travel with full equipment. Note that you are going to stay the night in a tent, eat in the nature and maybe weather condition changes so be equipped for any surprise. Take a tent considering your number of travel mates. Take only the essentials in your backpack so that it won`t tire you.


For keeping the tent warm have tent bower, wind resistant protector, outdoor picnic stove, and some blankets. Put the tent on a mat to flatten the ground and keep it warm. If the weather is very cold put your shoes into a plastic bag to avoid encountering frozen shoes in the morning! Do not make the tent so warm and keep it moderated to not to sweat.



Making a fire is one of the key steps in camping, it is for keeping warm, cooking, keeping the animals away, bringing you light and is vital for making delicious marshmallows! Put the big logs first then add the tree branches and dry sticks to it. Sticks with sap are the best for starting fire and get ignited easily in the humid weather. When the fire is strong enough add some green and wet plants to let them burn slowly but for a long time.


Food is quite important in camping don`t overlook it. The best kind of food for times like this are the easy ones that don`t need much cooking time, don`t go bad or expire and are rich and nutritious at the same time. Taking some nuts, canned food or foods like potato or eggplant that can be cooked quickly are recommended.

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