Hotel Services During Coronavirus Pandemic

Hotel Services During Coronavirus Pandemic

Hotel Services During Coronavirus Pandemic

With re-opening of the hotels around the world, hotel owners have applied some changed behaviors to their daily processes. Taking the necessary precautionary actions for their guest’s safe stay and giving the best service possible is the first priority for the hotel owners.





Hotels Protocols

  • Each personnel of the hotel will go through a daily check-up and filling out forms concerning their health.
  • Hotels are not allowed to accept and accommodate guests with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Educating the personnel of the hotel to be alarm about the symptoms of the guests to take the necessary actions.
  • Hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes will be ubiquitous inside the hotel.
  • Buffets would be limited and only can be used with a certain number of people and with an attendant wearing personal protective equipment.




  • Cleaning staff use personal protective equipment, boots, gloves and masks when cleaning the rooms.
  • All parts of the building including lobby, restaurant, laundry, elevators, stairs, etc. constantly and intensely get cleaned and sanitized.
  • Commonly touched surfaces get sanitized constantly such as walls and floors, doors, doorknobs, tables and chairs, faucets, handrails, beds, closets, hangers, cabinets, telephones, switches and outlets, and thermostats.


Daily Cleaning and Sanitizing of the Hotel Rooms

  • After the check out the room and bathroom get cleaned and sanitized.
  • Bedsheets and pillowcases get washed daily.
  • The mini fridge of the room gets depleted and cleaned.
  • New and sealed towel, soap, shampoo, and slippers will be put in the room.

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