Hiking is a great exercise for your body and can be life changing since you will do it out in the nature. Constantly being outside in the nature can improve your mental health and keep you in shape.

It has been proved many times that individuals, who are constantly in touch with the nature, are happier and healthier. Walking makes your body burn calories, you can sleep better, be exposed to sunlight and get more vitamin D, have stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, and hence you get to be healthier!

When hiking, you get reconnected to the nature which can lead to lower chance of depression, anxiety and stress. Being in the nature among trees and flowers will boost your mood incredibly and this feeling will last for couple of months until you recharge them and get reconnected with the nature again.

For starting hiking you don`t need much of experience and you can start it anytime. So we can say that the best thing about hiking is that it`s very easy to do. Hiking is exercising and exploring the unknowns of the nature.

Another great point of hiking is the fact that it is not expensive at all. For having some hiking you don`t need a big travel budget and you can manage your adventure with some expenses. Try to make your adventure more adventurey! Don`t use cars, instead try to take a bus or train to your trail`s starting point then start hiking.

For starter it`s a good idea to start your hiking from national park inside or around your city and then have multiday hiking.

You can have some hiking with your friends and have group hiking. This can be fun and you can learn a few things from them. Even if you don`t start your hiking with friends you can find some in the hostels you stay in.

On the other hand hiking solo is an eccentric experience and can give you peace and quiet that you cannot get in your daily and city life. When hiking alone, you will get out of your comfort zone and you will learn to rely on yourself more. You just need to make sure let your friends or family members know about your itinerary and where you are. As you hike and face any challenge you get to know yourself more and more don`t be afraid to try new things and ways and trust yourself then you will be able to overcome any kind of problem or challenge.

Avoid crowded places and seasons. Since hiking is your opportunity to reconnect with the nature and true yourself, being in a crowded place that is full of people everywhere cannot be as fulfilling experience as you wished.

Do not forget about insurance! Getting yourself insurance is essential part of your steps for getting ready. Never leave the house on a hiking trip without insurance.

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