Thanks to the growth of transportation technology, now we can reach even the most deserted places. But this isn`t always a good thing and absolutely has downsides. We are enabled to explore the world but for what cost?

People tend to explore the world but this should be done in a way that doesn`t damage the natural areas and animals’ habitat. The solution for travelling with no harm is eco-tourism and its ways of offering the nature to us.


What is eco-tourism


The described definition for this term is a responsible travelling to the natural areas for enjoying and appreciating the nature (alongside with the present and past cultural features) leading to increased protection of the environment, low-impact of the tourists` visit, and having financial benefits for the local people of the region.


Nowadays most of the travelling at the nature are not eco-touristic and nature friendly. Eco-tourism`s emphasis is on the protection and being a responsible traveler. The especial features of the nature travelling are:


  • Responsibility and having the least possible effect on the nature
  • Being responsible to the nature and appreciating the local culture
  • Supporting the local efforts for preserving the region
  • Sustainable benefits for the locals
  • Local participant in decision making
  • Education for the traveler and the local people


Outnumbered amount of the travelers to the untouched and fragile nature without a program and schedule can endanger the eco-systems and the culture of the local people. Furthermore, it can lead to erosion and destruction of the nature, local people and their culture under the impression of the outside visitors can get hurt. In addition, since tourism and travelling industry can be hugely dependent upon the weather condition, currency fluctuation, and the political and social situations, all which makes tourism industry risky.



Eco-tourism can provide a needed fund for the protect and preservation of the national parks and other natural habitats. Also, eco-tourism can be a source of income for the locals and can be a big step for knowledge acquisition among the travelers towards the nature and protecting it.Check out related eco tourism taking place in persiantourradar


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