Best Traditional Hotels of Iran

Best Traditional Hotels of Iran

Best Traditional Hotels of Iran


One of the most important factors in travelling is choosing the hotel. Of course, you can find millions of the hotels with one click but, in this article, we are going to introduce some of hotels in Iran which are traditional, have saved their roots and ancient architecture but is cozy and modern inside at the same time. Traditional hotels in Iran are located at the ancient cities like Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Kerman.
If you choose one of these hotels, in addition to visiting the city you get to stay in an ancient hotel and enjoy the unique architecture and rich culture of Iranian life style.



Manouchehri Traditional House And Hotel

This hotel is 400 years old with two entrance and a cistern. This magnificent house was renewed once and now is a public hotel with high standards. The unique feature of this hotel is its cistern which is a cinema now.



Isfahan Traditional Hotel

This hotel is dating back to Safavid dynasty and is located at the down town and close to the historical monuments and Naqshe Jahan Square. When entering this hotel, you feel like it a museum and the time has stopped. The rooms of the hotel have surrounded the yard with pools and fountains in it.



Vali Traditional Yazd Hotel

Most of Yazd hotels date back to Qajariyeh dynasty but Vali hotel is the oldest one and is dating back to Safavid dynasty. Vali hotel is 400 years old and has the most unique architecture in the area. This hotel is placed at Amir Chakhmaq Complex and you can try photography at the roof of the hotel to capture the view of the whole city with its tall windcatchers.



Motevalli Bashi Traditional Hotel

With 180 years old age this hotel is located at Kerman city. This specific hotel mixes the traditional and modern together and creates a very unique atmosphere like while you are sitting on traditional benches and touch the ancient objects, you are using Wi-Fi and share your moments with your friends online. Breakfast is included and the site around the hotel is full of trees and flowers in which you will enjoy having long walks.

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