Best Restaurants in Isfahan

Best Restaurants in Isfahan

Best Restaurants in Isfahan


When travelling to Iran trying Iranian dishes is an essential part of your travel. Since Iranian foods are mostly sour in taste and almost all of them well cooked, tourists love eating them and some even ask for the recipe! Isfahan city is with a long history on its background and is the best place for you to try some traditional restaurants for delicious Iranian food. Here we are going to introduce some of the best traditional restaurants in Isfahan for you to choose from.



Azadegan Tea House – Chah Haj Mirza


This tea house is a great place since it is placed near Naqshe Jahan Mosque and you can take some rest, drink tea and eat. This tea house with dating back to Safavid dynasty (400 years ago) is the best place for you to feel like you are having some tea at a live museum. The walls and ceilings are full of old pictures, traditional crafts, stones, crystals, paintings, and wooden objects.

Address: Chah Haj Mirza Alley, Emam Square, Isfahan, Iran.



Naqshe Jahan Restaurant


Inside Bazaar there is a traditional restaurant surrounded by the craft shops and jewelry stores. At the middle of the restaurant there is a water fountain and some benches around it to sit and enjoy the scenery. Foods like Beryani, Khoreshte Mast (yogurt), and Joje are the best ones to order.

Address: Espadana Inn, Behind Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.



Toranj Traditional Restaurant


Jelfa neighborhood is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Isfahan since it is a serene area with numerous cafes and restaurants. The best one among them is Toranj restaurant dating back to Qajar dynasty. This restaurant serves 40 different kinds of herbal tea and has various food to choose from.

Address: Ramin Alley, Hovans Street, Khaghani Street.


Two other restaurants in the city are: Arakhan Restaurant and Jarchi Bashi.

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