Ardabil 2023

Ardabil 2023

Ardabil was selected as the capital of tourism of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) 2023 in a recently held meeting of ECO tourism ministers in Khujand, Tajikistan. Moreover, Iran was selected to be host of ECO meeting in 2021. With being the capital of tourism embarking of some operational projects and “wake winter” which has the main aim of attracting tourists in the second half of the year, have taken place.


This event has the aim of enhancing the cultural, historical and natural heritage sites. As Ardabil is the home for Sabalan mountain with 4811m altitude, ancient ruins of Shahar Yeri, numerous natural hot springs , Sheikh Safi al Din mausoleum, Sheikh Jabrail Shrine, Shahsavan Nomadic people, Alvars Ski Resort, Neor and Shorabil lake, Hazelnut Jungle, Bazaar, Jome Mosque of Ardabil, Qahqaheh Castle in Meshgin Shahr, Shirvan Canyon, Barbar Castle, Pir Taqi suspension bridge, Meshgin Shahr suspension bridge, and Hir suspension glass bridge. As in for souvenirs organic honey which are made at the foothill of Sabalan mountain, black halva, dried fruit, and the most famous handicraft of this area is the handmade rugs.


We hope with being the tourism capital of ECO countries, Ardabil can show its potentials and has a sustainable tourism industry starting now and can show what it can offer.

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