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Our Story

We are that well-travelled friend you can come to for advice and guidance in order to get under the skin of the places you want to visit and taste the things that always don`t make it into the travel book. Because Irman Travel Group`s founders are professional mountaineers they have the knowledge to offer you an adventure so that you have the time of your life! Iraj Maani and Siavash Shahbazzadeh who wanted to give other people the chance of discovering the unknowns started this company with the main purpose of making adventure lovers dreams come true as in providing an opportunity for them to fulfill their desire and pleasure their almighty souls with discovering the beyond!

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Our Ethics

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Since “Irman” in Persian Language means “guest”, our all energy goes on the fact that we want our “Irmans” to experience the place as if they are the locals, we make it possible with our sophisticated guides and consultants who know the place like the back of their hands.

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Irman travel Group`s presence is palpable all over the country alongside with exciting packages in a variety range of locations. Ascending to the summit of high-altitude mountains, skiing on wild ice and snow, touching the wildness and beauty of the jungles, walking barefoot on scorching sand of the deserts, and swimming in infinite blue sea, we have it all!

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We create the chance for you to reconnect with the nature and the true yourself. On the other hand, we can show you how fantastic Iran is and get in touch with the undefinable rich history and culture of Iran which streams through the country and erupts in some cities which result in astonishing monuments.

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We just don`t offer, we ask you your opinion and alter our packages according to your desire. We simply don`t just want to know where you want to go, but we ask you why do you long for it.

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Our Team

Iraj maani ceo irmantravel iran

First name: Iraj

Last name: Maani

Post: CEO

Siavash Shahbazzade Trekking on Mountains

First name: Siavash

Last name: Shahbazzade

Post: Vice President

Hamed Jalmoudy standing by a car

First name: Hamed

Last name: Jalmoudy

Post: IT

mohammadreza jaafari standing by a leak in nature

First name: Mohammadreza

Last name: Jafari

Post: IT

Mr Sajed

First name: Mostafa

Last name: Sajed

Post: Designer Graphics

farzad rajabalizadeh and azim gheichisaz

First name: Farzad

Last name: RA

Post: Incoming Manager