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Iran, A Destination for Professional Skiing

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Ski on Damavand & Alam-kuh

30% OFF


Ski on Damavand, Alam-kuh & Sabalan

30% OFF


Ski on Damavand & Sabalan

30% OFF


Ski on Doberar & Damavand

30% OFF


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Irman Travel Group Offers Adventurous Packages, Exciting Events, Best Deals, and Amazing Choice of the Season. Iran is the Best Destination for Adventure Seekers and Trekking lovers.


Skiing on +4000 m snowcapped mountains with wild and untouched snow


Trekking for hours on the unmerciful grandiose heights and measureless scorching sand of the Deserts

Tailor made

With bearing in mind, the aim of fulfilling your desire we will plan a tour according to your adventurous desire and taste.


With every touch you will feel the history and culture running through your fingers as if you see them alive before your eyes

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